About Brother Nathan Paikai                                                                                                                             

Brother Nathan Paikai is a Hawaiian man of God. He has dedicated his life to helping the body of Christ learn to hear the voice of God. He walks in the five fold ministry offices, and he is often asked to help plant churches, to prophecy over congregations and individuals, to shepherd and to teach the believers, and to evangelize throughout the world.       As Founder and Senior Pastor of "IT'S ALL HIS; IT'S ALL GOD". Brother nathan has traveled extensively to preach the Kingdom of God and to teach the Lordship of Jesus Christ. His travels have taken him across the Hawaiian Islands and the Pacific islands of Fiji and Samoa. He has ministered in Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippine Islands. In Europe, He has preached in Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Russian, and the U.K.  Last year, He served in Singapore, Japan, and India. Of coures, his heart is for the entire USA, and he has preached in many states from Maine to California.



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